You’d think that the number of people deciding to take on home improvement projects of various sizes would have dropped given that the financial crisis has meant that there’s a lot less money to spend than there used to be, but in fact figures have stayed about the same.

While this does prove that people are continuing to embark on these projects, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they know what they’re doing or that they’re spending any less than they would have done before the markets crashed. In fact, given that a lot of people seem to be completely clueless when it comes to developing a budget and then sticking to it no matter what, they’re probably spending more.

This is just carelessness on their part, and it’s a problem that’s easily fixed but they don’t seem to want to do anything about it because they want to have full control over the entire creative process. If you think you’re going to have a problem sticking to the budget and you’re happy to let someone else take over, it doesn’t take too long to find some of the best interior services in your area by doing a quick internet search.

You can sit down with an experienced interior designer and work out a budget which they will stick to on your behalf. This doesn’t mean that you relinquish any creative input, however – you’re the person living in the house so every decision will have to be okayed by you, and if you don’t like something then you don’t have to approve it.

Gardens are also under attack from professional and amateur landscape designers who want to transform that scrubby patch of wasteland out back into a lush, green oasis. This might mean putting in a patio with a barbecue, a table and some chairs for entertaining, artfully arranging some flowerbeds into explosions of colour and vibrancy or whacking in a water feature or pond where you can have some fish (but make sure you cover it with a net if you do put fish in otherwise the herons will have a free lunch).

Replica trees are on the rise in popularity for those who want a tree or two but don’t want to have to wait for years for it to grow, and then have it growing too high and becoming an eyesore. They are available from retailers online and simply require a firm plant in the ground – try a palm tree for a Caribbean feel!