Boiler Installation Repair and Maintenance

A well functioning boiler is essential to a comfortable and safe home. The most critical key to a warm house is having a dependable mechanic that you can call on at any time. In addition to coming to your rescue during a boiler breakdown emergence, a competent boiler servicing company can assist you with everything from choosing and installing a new boiler to yearly maintenance. Many home-owners are also avid do it yourself-ers, but unless you have training and expertise in working with boilers this is one area of your home that you should leave to the experts. Not only is it illegal to work on boilers without certification, it a can be extremely dangerous.


If you have recently moved into a new house you may find that your first major expense is a new boiler. When boilers are not well maintained they tend to need to be replaced fairly often.  There are several factors to consider before purchasing a new boiler. The first factor should be the the reputation of the company and the model you are considering. Look at information like expected life of the appliances, the efficiency of the model and the operating costs. Once you have chosen a model verify that your boiler servicing company will fit it. Some companies have specific models they prefer working with or recommend and will not install other brands or models.


Every time your boiler is used deposits slowly build up inside the unit. By regularly getting your boiler serviced those deposits will  be cleaned out before they begin to cause mechanical problems. If you are considering skipping this years scheduled maintenance to save some money, you should realize that these deposits decrease the efficiency of the unit and overall increase your energy cost significantly.


It would be great if you could purchase a reliable boiler, maintain it properly, and then expect that it will work consistently for the next 20 years. Unfortunately, even well maintained and reliable boilers will have breakdowns occasionally. The key to surviving these breakdowns is having a highly qualified boiler engineer available at all times. The last the you want is to be told that your boiler can not be fixed for two weeks during the middle of winter. Many boiler services offer affordable payment plans including insurance to prevent a financial shortfall from impacting the warmth and comfort of your family. To prevent frequent maintenance issue boilers should be replaced on a regular basis and then serviced yearly.

In conclusion, coming home to warm and cozy home in the middle of winter starts with a reliable boiler. Making sure that your boiler is properly installed, annually serviced, and expertly repaired will ensure that your house is a place that you want to come home too.