Home Beautification

Home Beautification can be a back breaking, labor intensive heart ache, which inevitable results in half finished gardens and walkways, or can be an invigorating experience which renders an exciting new look to a home. The outcome of any home beautification project depends or a great deal of factors, one of which is never biting off more than one can chew and proper preparation.

Assess the Situation

The first part of any home beautification project is figuring out when needs to get done. A solid first step is make a list what what one wishes to change about a house, with prices for materials and labor if one is not interested in doing it themselves.  If a home is going to be sold, also get an estimate from a professional of how much value a given project could add to home value, versus the cost of a given project or set of projects.

Time Management

It is important, once materials have been purchased to use time wisely. While this seems common sense, many home beautification projects have been half done and cost a great deal more than was anticipated because materials were purchased bit by bit as a project was worked on.

Instead, purchase all necessary materials before a project is started. This leads to fewer trips around town, trying to find various materials at the last minute. When a project is undertaken, set aside a good amount of time to work on it, and try to stick to a schedule. Half finished home projects are a waste of both time and money.

Good Places to Start

Gardens are a very popular home beautification project, and have brought joy and pleasure to home owners and renters a like. Gardens can also be a family activity, where the family can go outside together, working with one another to create an interested yard, where it is pleasurable to spend time.

Gardens can also be a great deal of work, especially if one lacks time to properly invest. Gardens can be time consuming, as they need to be maintained weekly, if not every few days. If the time to invest in a garden is not available, hire a gardener or make sure the garden is small and easily maintained. Stay away from highly care intensive plants, such as roses if time cannot be properly allocated, as poorly maintained roses looks awful.

If a home owner is looking into a walkway, consider stone instead of concrete. Concrete tends to crack as the years wear on, and never looks entirely homey. Stone placements, on the other hand, looks beautiful if the rocks are available. Moss can be grown between the rocks as well, which can soak up a great deal of water rather than having it sit on stone, perhaps making it slick. Old brick can be used in much the same manner, if it is available.

Painting a house is always recommendable. A house's paint is one of the first things people look at, so if possible, it should be kept clean and well maintained. Even just washing a house's siding with a pressure washer once every few months in the summer can make a great impression, as the currant paint can come out, rather than be stifled by dirt and grime.