Heating Solutions

Heating is one of the most important aspects of keeping a home comfortable in cold weather. Winter can be very harsh and difficult in a drafty house when the weather dips below freezing. Fortunately there are many things which can be done to minimize heating costs.

Tips for Keeping Heating Costs Down

One of the all important basics of home heating is insulation. If insulation is poor then heat escapes easily from a home, requiring more use of electricity or  gas to properly heat a home. If the home gets cold enough, pipes can freeze, or even burst, causing enormous amounts of damage. If a home is drafty, then insulation can solve the issue, keeping more heat inside in the cold winter months.

Good windows can be another option for keeping a house warm. Leaking window panes can be can cause a great deal of heat to escape that could otherwise be keeping a house warm. Windows can also be very expensive, though they tend to pay for themselves after a few years.

If new windows are too expensive, then simply covering leaky windows with plastic is a cost effective option. Using heavy transparent plastic over windows, which can keep heat from escaping through leaky windows.

Weather stripping around doors should be kept in good repair and replace every year or every other year. A great deal of heat can escape around cracks in doors, and weather stripping is an inexpensive way to make sure heat does not escape when a door is closed.

Heating Providers

British Gas offers energy and services to both home and business customers throughout Great Britain and also maintain central heating and gas appliances in millions of homes throughout the country. British Gas offers large discounts for dual fuel customers, discounts for paperless billing and online payments and offers a high standard of customer service.

E.ON is one of the United Kingdom's leading power and gas companies, and formerly known as Powergen. E.ON provides electricity and gas to millions of homes and businesses around the United Kingdom. E.On offers a wide range of homer energy services, including boiler and central heating installation and maintenance, and is one of the leading developers of green energy.  They offer a wide range of services particularly for those interested in Green Energy, and have various price guarantee programs.

Scottish Power is one of the leading Green Energy providers in the United Kingdom and delivers quality service to its customers. They offer Dual Fuel, online payment and fixed billing. This can be very helpful for those on a fixed income. Scottish Power can also save customers money when they switch both electricity and gas through them.